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The Muddy Boots Press Story


Muddy Boots Press is a small, independent publisher seeking authors with an intelligent, memorable story to tell.  As a small publisher, we are extremely selective about the books that we'll publish and the authors that we'll work with.  Our current goal is to sign no more than two authors per year.


Brian, the founder of Muddy Boots Press, has been been published by both traditional publishers and self-published his works. The impetus for starting the company was simply to help add legitimacy to his self-published work which grew into a desire to help other writers self-publish their own books at no cost and blossomed into the idea of running a full publishing company.


Over time, the goal is to publish several well-written and high-quality products per year to the readers in our target genres of horror, fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal fiction.


Here's a short story about why it was important for Brian to publish through a press instead of remaining solely self-published:


"When I first published my book GNASH, I was elated (see more about that in the "Author Resources" section). I hired my own editor and put together the cover art myself for the paperback copies. I made the comic convention circuit and did fairly well, but I wanted to set up something local, so I went to the chain bookstore in the town where I live to ask about setting up an author signing. I'd bring my own product - or they could purchase thier own - and it would be a part of the community outreach program that they hosted. The manager was extremely excited about it because there are few, if any, local authors who were willing to appear at the store.


"He was excited until he looked up my book's ISBN in their computer system. Once he did, he looked at me and said that they wouldn't be able to host me because the book was produced by Createspace (I'd used the free Createspace-assigned ISBN), which is owned by Amazon and their company was in direct competition with Amazon. So, the local chain bookstore wouldn't carry my book because it was an Amazon product."* 


So that's where this all started: A manager at a large chain store who told our founder that they didn't support their competitor. If you're proud to be an independent author, let us see what you've got. Indies rule!


*This actually happened to Brian, but is not indicative of all companies.

Self-Publishing Help


We're committed to helping authors.  If you want to be a self-published, independent author then check out the resources that we offer on the page links above or you can always send us a message if you have questions.


There are many benefits to being a self-published author, among them are the total control of your work, higher royalties (you're not sharing with your publisher) and the ability to set your own price whenever you want.  We're not trying to dissuade authors from seeking to publish with us, we just want you to know that there are some great benefits to being a self-publisher.

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