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What kind of books do you publish?


We focus on fiction, in its various forms. Specifically: Science Fiction, Military Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal and Fantasy.


Submission Process


Q: How long is the review process after I submit a manuscript to Muddy Boots Press?

A: As a small press, it takes a few months for us to evaluate your submission, so don't be discouraged if you don't hear something right away. Since it may take a long time, we encourage you to submit to other publishers simultaneously. Good luck!


Q: What is the submission review process?

A: The first step in the review process is evaluating your synopsis. If the story sounds like something Muddy Boots Press would be interested in publishing, we will look deeper into the manuscript and evaluate it further from there.


Advances and Royalties


Q: Does Muddy Boots Press pay an advance to authors?

A: As many books do not earn enough to cover the cost of editing an artwork, Muddy Boots Press does not pay an advance against royalties. We pay quarterly royalties on all sales and do not ask our authors to pay any production fees.


Q: What royalties does Muddy Boots Press pay?

A: Royalties are paid on every sale (with some exclusions such as discount author copies). Royalty amounts can vary depending on the edition of the book (eBook, print, audio, etc.). We currently offer 50% royalties on Net from eBook sales and royalties are paid on a quarterly basis. Specific royalty percentages for other editions will be discussed when Muddy Boots Press makes an offer to publish your manuscript.


Q: When are royalties paid?

A: Royalties are paid on a quarterly basis. Each payment is sent within 90 days of the end of each calendar quarter (Quarters end: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31).

Books are not considered sold, and royalties will not be paid until payment is actually received by Muddy Boots Press. For example, some wholesalers pay for books they sell 120 days after the end of the month in which the books were sold. This means that if a book was sold in January, the vendor would pay Muddy Boots Press for that book at the end of May/beginning of June. Consequently, the author would receive no royalty payment on a book sold in January until the July 31st royalty payment period. Royalties are not paid until money is actually received from resellers.


Q: Do I receive a royalty statement?

A: A Royalty Statement detailing the sales of your books will be available quarterly.



Author Fees and Costs


Q: Do I have to pay for set up fees for getting my book published or pay for editing?

A: Muddy Boots Press does not require its authors to pay any fees or charges.


Q: Do I have to pay for the cover artwork?

A: The short answer is no. Although some authors may supply their own artwork (created by themselves or someone else), Muddy Boots Press does not require its authors to pay any fees or charges. If an author’s submitted artwork is chosen for use as the book cover, Muddy Boots Press will not reimburse the author for the artwork.


Q: Am I required to buy extra copies of my book?

A: Muddy Boots Press does not require its authors to purchase any books. Authors will be provided with a limited number of print copies free of charge as specified in the individual contract.


Q: What is my author's discount on print books? Can I buy more copies of my book?

A: Authors may purchase any quantities of their books for a standard author discount of 30% off cover price. Royalties will not be paid on any books sold to the author at the author's discount. Authors may also purchase any quantity of books at retail price. Royalties will be paid on all books sold at retail price. The Author may freely sell or give away any books that they purchase (at wholesale or retail).

Authors pay shipping and handling charges for all copies purchased.



Book Design


Q: Does my book have to be edited?

A: Yes, your book will need to be edited. We do not change the meaning or voice of your manuscript, and Muddy Boots Press will never make major changes without the author's approval. Again, Muddy Boots Press does not require authors to pay any fees or charges.


Q: What will my book's layout look like?

A: Each book is designed individually by professional designers, so there are no specific templates that we use to create printed or electronic versions of books.


Q: Who designs my cover?

A: We will have your cover designed but we request author input. If you have ideas or graphics you want included, please let us know.



Book Availability, Promotion, and Advertisement


Q: Where will my book be available?

A: Per the contract, the author will make the election as to where their book gets listed. We recommend Amazon exclusive, but the author has the final say on where their work is listed. If an author chooses to have their eBook available at all major online retailers, there is likely a loss of revenue, which is explained in our eBook Sales Election Declaration. Also, we sell print versions of our titles via Amazon and Createspace, however it is highly unlikely that any of our books will appear in brick-and-mortar stores.


Q: Will my book be placed on bookstore shelves?

A: It’s not likely. That’s the simple truth, however, we will try everything we can to get our books placed in traditional bookstores.


Q: How many copies does the average Muddy Boots Press book sell?

A: eBooks today have a very wide range of sales. There have been wildly successful small press books and, quite frankly, a lot of flops. There is no guarantee that your book will sell well enough to even earn out the money that Muddy Boots put into its production.


Q: Will I be expected to promote and advertise my book?

A: Yes, we do expect you to actively promote and advertise your book, but we do not contractually obligate you to do so.

This is your book, and no one knows it better than you, or where the best place to market it will be. Muddy Boots Press makes a commitment to our authors to work with them and help promote their books. This includes Internet promotion, as well as exposure through other media. You, as the author, have a lot to do with the promotion of your book.

Once your book is published, you need to tell everyone you know. Don't be shy ... spread the word. The more people that know about your book, and read your book, the more friends they will tell about it if they like it. Get the word out!



The Legal Stuff


Q: Will my book have an ISBN number?

A: Muddy Boots Press will purchase an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) specifically for each edition of your book. An ISBN is required by all book sales channels and bookstores to track and order your books.


Q: Can I still publish my book elsewhere?

A: No. You are granting the exclusive world-wide rights for Muddy Boots Press to print, distribute, and sell your books for you during the length of our contract together. Once a contract has been signed with Muddy Boots Press, we request that you expeditiously remove all versions of your book for sale.

The only exception is for previously self-published work that the author has pre-existing copies of the book. Of course, the author is allowed to sell books that they’ve already purchased, but we caution you to let your readers know that a newer version of the book will be available soon.


Q: What would happen if an agent or editor saw my book and wanted to publish it?

A: When a book is under contract to Muddy Boots Press it is an exclusive agreement for the rights assigned by our negotiated contract. You may not enter in to any other publishing agreements for rights that have been assigned to us.

However, other publishers may ask you to sever your agreement with Muddy Boots Press and grant them exclusive rights. On occasion, other publishers may offer a quit claim buy-out to Muddy Boots Press to receive the rights to your work. Muddy Boots Press will consider any such offer and always strives to achieve the maximum benefit for our authors.

With each book we publish, Muddy Boots Press spends a considerable amount of time and money getting it into print, commissioning cover artwork, and getting your book into the sales system and book catalogs. A fair return on our investment is what helps Muddy Boots Press to stay in business.

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