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Muddy Boots Press IS currently accepting submissions:



Submitting your work is easy. Please read through all the submission guidelines and if your works fit within our requirements, email us at (Don't forget to include your name, email, bio, book title and genre). 


Muddy Boots Press Submission Guidelines


What we're looking for:

  • Completed manuscripts only. Concepts are great, but unless you're an established author who's proven that you have the fortitude to continue through the long process of finishing that entire book, then we can't accept your ideas. If we do end up signing you based on your submission and you have ideas for other works, then we'll talk about them. 

  • Word Count: 60,000 words or longer.

  • Genre: Muddy Boots Press is accepting submissions in the following genres: science fiction, military fiction, horror, supernatural, paranormal and fantasy.  We may, on a case-by-case basis accept literary fiction, but you'll have to knock our socks off with your query letter. Come on, impress us!


We do consider reprints/reissues of previously published/self-published books.


Sorry, we're not presently seeking:

  • Novels less than 60,000 words in length.

  • Nonfiction.

  • Erotica.

  • Traditional westerns.

  • Romance.

  • Historical dramas.

  • Manga.

  • Authors who can’t wait at least 3 to 6 months to see their book published after the publishing contract is signed.



The Details


Your novel should be a Microsoft Word file formatted to the following:

  • Double spaced.

  • 1 inch margins.

  • Body of the text 12 point Times New Roman (.doc or .docx, no .rtf or .txt).

  • Chapter headings 12 point Arial bold.

  • Use italics rather than underlining.

  • Page break between chapters.

  • The first several pages should consist of your standard query letter, to include a brief synopsis of your finished work, your name, email, bio, book title and genre. We're not going to tell you how long the synopsis needs to be, it's up to you to determine if what you submit will grab our attention.  Please, please, PLEASE ensure that you include your contact info; it doesn't do either of us any good if we can't contact you!



It's not required for you to have your manuscript edited prior to submission, but think about it from our standpoint.  If your book is absolutely convoluted and the sheer number of errors distracts us from seeing the true value of your work, then your chances of being picked up for publication are substantially less.  Muddy Boots Press provides editing services for our authors, but you have to be ACCEPTED first!  We encourage you to make use of Beta readers and edit your work several times before you submit it to us, or to any publisher for that matter.


Give us some time!

Let's be realistic, it's going to take some time to read your work to determine if it's an acceptable fit for Muddy Boots Press.  We'll try to send you a confirmation email to let you know that we received your work, but one of the most important things is to ensure that you put your contact info in the manuscript! Please understand that due to the large number of submissions that we receive, and given the fact that we do our best to give every submission a fair evaluation, it is not uncommon for several months to pass before we are able to review your book. Since we are authors as well, we understand the frustration that it causes for you to wait, so simultaneous submissions to other presses is allowed and encouraged. Just let us know if you get picked up by another company and we'll either pull your submission or see if we can beat their offer.



From time to time we will accept short stories for anthology collections. Check back regularly for anthology information.




1. Royalties. Muddy Boots Press offers competitive royalties; however, we DO NOT pay advances. If you’re looking for a large, up-front advance, then we simply aren’t the right publisher for you.


2. Promotions. Muddy Boots Press will do everything we can to market your book, to include – on a case-by-case basis, however not guaranteed – purchasing ads on blogs and websites. The primary marketer of your books is YOU, the author; you are your own best advocate for your work. The synergy created amongst fellow Muddy Boots Press authors will help you get your work in front of others, so make some contacts!


3. Artwork. Muddy Boots Press will commission a freelance artist to create your cover artwork at no cost to you. It will ultimately be Muddy Boot Press’ decision about cover art, but we encourage you to be there for the idea and revision phases. If you have a piece of artwork that you would like to use for the cover, we will consider your artwork; however the final cover art approval will come from us. Any interior images, such as maps, charts, symbols, etc. will be provided by the author, along with proof that we are authorized to publish the image.


4. Editing. Third party editing is mandatory, but also free to the author. The editorial process is collaborative, but if there is a dispute that you cannot agree upon, Muddy Boots Press will have the final say as to the appropriate edit.


5. Print version. Muddy Boots Press will make every effort to get your print book into the distribution catalogue for brick and mortar companies; however, it is not guaranteed – and unlikely from a small press – to make it onto the bookshelf of your local bookstore. Again, this is a collaborative effort, so by all means, go to your bookstore and ask to be carried there.


6. Vanity Publishers. Muddy Boots Press is not a vanity publisher. If signed with the press, we will never ask you to contribute any money to get your works published.


7. Expectation management. Let’s be honest. It is highly unlikely that you will make a lot of money publishing in today’s market. If you do, that’s awesome; a win-win for everyone involved, but understand that there are hundreds of new books published every day and they can’t all be best sellers. It’s up to you and Muddy Boots Press to try and get your book noticed. We’re a team, let’s do this!


8. Facts of life (the five year plan). Muddy Boots Press is a side business for the owner. As of the founding of the company, Brian is the only employee. He has a full-time career, but will do everything in his power to ensure that every book and author receives the attention that they deserve. No corners will be cut, and that means that the company will likely remain small for our first five years.

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